Citron is a high-tech company. Our products come in different markets with different requirements for
special use.

Industrial applications are characterized by requirements such as 24/7 operation, high availability despite
severe contamination, scratch resistance, extreme temperature, vibration and shocks, one-hand operation
and compliance with requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the IEC60950 or specific product
standards, eg in the explosion area.

In medical products safety play to IEC60601, IEC61010 or other requirements of the Medical Device Directive
93/42/EEC for a major role. This implies, among other stringent requirements for electrical safety, EMC,
cleaning, documentation and Risikoanalyseder products. We find similar requirements in the pharmaceutical
and food industries.

Infotainment products for example in airport or passenger information systems are characterized by vandalism,
IP protection, remote maintenance and operation ability, and easy on-site service.

In the environmental sector, the mobile operation play an important role in the open air, chemical resistance
and long-term availability of the components.

Through our experiences from the implementation of numerous special solutions, eg in military technology,
industrial, medical and marine industry, our customers benefit in all markets.