Citron Infrared Touche can certainly recognize two points of contact with restrictions. The restriction is that the two contacts must take place successively in time and one of the two contact points must be relatively quiet. But this can be a reliable turn trigger actions, such as a right mouse click or mouse wheel emulation..



Software drivers for mouse emulation available for the operating systems Windows, and Linux. Driver development is in our home, so that at any time and custom requests or changes can be maintained.


Touch Frame

Standard IR Touch Frame are available in sizes 6.5 ", 8.4", 10.4 ", 12.1", 15.1 ", 17.0", 18.1 ", 19.0", 21 "and 24 "WideScreen available.



PMMA standard bezel for the three sizes are 10.4 ", 12.1", and 15.1 "available.

All other sizes are individually manufactured in PMMA strip.



here are a wide variety of glass or plastic panes are available:


• Float glass(Standard)
• Safety glasss (ESG)
• Laminated safety glass (VSG)

• PMMA plastic windows and Makrolon


The glasses are according to customer specification, one-sided or

two-sided anti-reflective coating or etched. Plastic washers are available

with hardened front.