Outdoor use of marine, avionics, automotive and industrial applications require significantly more brightness, longer life, extended temperature range and higher mechanical stress on the display units.


The new ultra-light operator panels surpass the projected brightness of 700 to 2200cd / m² the required 600cd / m² for "sunligth Readablitiy". This is made possible through the use of modern, highly transmissive TFT display with special backlight systems of our partner Landmark Technology.


This backlight systems have multiple, evenly spaced CCFL tubes and a sophisticated lighting and light bundling using novel highly efficient polarizing films. To improve the contrast, the operator panels are generally fitted with double-sided anti-glare filter glasses.


The inverter required for the SR-backlight systems have been developed specifically for this technology and have a dimming ratio of 200:1. An SR-backlit with 1000 cd / m² can therefore be dimmed to a brightness of 5cd / m².


So that readability is ensured in bright sunlight as well as glare-free operation at night. Typical requirement on the bridge of a ship. Optionally, the operator panels with best Citron Infrared Touches can be upgraded.


Citron offers complete access to this technology for your application, from a single source.


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